Motor-bike tour suggestions To the queen of the Dolomites

Endless curves after curves in a motor-biker's paradise:

The Dolomites Motor-bike holidays in the Dolomites. Every real biker's dream is a tour through the South Tyrol Dolomites. Hundreds of kilometers of bends and curves where you can wedel speedily or unhurriedly and one breathtaking mountain panorama follows the other. Which real biker's heart won't skip a beat there?

Bike routes

To the queen of the Dolomites
The most beautiful tour regarding landscape and driving fun will lead you to the Marmolada - the queen of the Dolomites.
Start in Deutschnofen - Karer mountain pass - Fedaia pass (the queen already straight ahead) - Passo Giau (28 curves!) - Falzarego pass - Valparola pass - Corvara - Grödnerjoch (past the Sellastock) - Schlern area - Tierser valley - Niger pass - Karer pass - Deutschnofen

Via Penserjoch and Jaufen pass
Enjoy curves and bends off the beaten tourist paths
Start in Deutschnofen - Rittner plateu - Sarn valley - Penserjoch (2215 m alt.) - Sterzing - Wipp valley - Jaufenpass (2100 m alt.) - Passeirer valley (15 serpentines and many more curves) - Meran - Hafling - Mölten - Jensien - Bozen - Deutschnofen